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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Have a Few Questions For You....

It seems like I had a visitor today that left here and went on to visit some of my blogbuddies.

"Sick of the Status Quo" and "Soylent Green"

The questions are:

What do you prefer for site monitor? and Do you pay? and Is it worth it?

I am using free statcounter but it only covers a small window of time. I can upgrade and pay for 
more info but it would only be to post stuff like this snapshot from Sick of the Status Quo.

I don't care about the stats other than its neat to see all the hits from around the world.
Especially the muslim countries, they seem to google camel toe and ass alot :) HAHAHHA

Take a look at who stopped by the when on to sick of the status quo.. TWICE!!!:


  1. Most of the time it is just some poor sucker doing a little surfing while the boss is out.

    EPA is just a job to a lot of conservatives I bet

  2. I use http://statcounter.com/

    I do pay for the first "upgraded" level so keep a few more log entries available, but the free service is good too.

  3. Sitemeter
    Doesn't give me everything, but it's free.

  4. Since my blog is a hobby for me, meaning I make no money from it and don't try to, the free stat counter is perfect. If was running it as a business, like selling ad space or something, I would upgrade stat counter a level or two.

  5. Is this the StatCounter you're using? This one is free but you can upgrade to get more info, I guess.

  6. Pope, that's what I use. I upgraded and spend about $100/year. My blog's pure fun, just a hobby, but I enjoy the stats.

  7. I use statcounter. It was recommended by Billybob at Helloneart. I just upgraded to the next level for one year :)
    THanks for the input all.


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