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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A brilliant Idea.....Involving Bacon

So I'm talking to Steve aka "The Furious Frenchman" about plans for Christmas Day.

We are bantering back and forth about what to do when he says "I want to deep fry a turkey"

and I said "That sounds like a great idea, just make sure that you use a fresh one. The frozen ones are 

dangerous and you don't want to burn yourself to death".

We laughed and he said "I think you use peanut oil" and I said " Use Lard" and then I said "

"NO! better yet use bacon grease... can you imagine deep frying a turkey in bacon fat??"


I'll let you know if he even gets to the point of cooking a turkey let alone deep frying one.

After the conversation I hit the webz and what to my wondering eyes should appear but this:


  1. I was loving it up to the point they turned into a bunch of 'ginas and starting drinking wine.

    My mind immediately went "libtards."

    In Montana and parts of Idaho, we've heard of wine drinking men- but nobody actually knows one.

  2. He will be cooking that bird outside right?


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