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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Thanks For The Comments In The Maff Post...


No time to respond to them this morning but I will get some time hopefully tonight.

FTR, I am not trained in the medical field. I realize this isn't a hoax. My belief is it came from the lab 

whether or not it was accidental is open to discussion. The timing is suspect due to the almost 

instantaneous calls for mail in ballots. I believe it was brought up in the spring of 2020 which seems 

like decades ago.

I do have first hand experience with Covid and have multiple other first hand knowledge of

others and their stories. From "Having the antibodies and never even knowing they were sick" to

Dying in a few days and everything else in between.




  1. whether or not it was accidental is open to discussion

    Dr Freud tells us there are no accidents.


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