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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Let The Suble Eloquence Of This Meme Wrap Around Your Brain....









  1. Hahahahahaha.
    Well done

  2. And yet they still comply, you can't fix stupid unless they make it all the way to the crash site.

  3. I have something called the "too much hassle to fly radius" I use when deciding to drive or fly. It's getting really big. I used to travel by air almost every week on business in the earlier part of my "career". It would be a tossup between a hooker and an experienced business traveler to see who has a dimmer view of humanity. The things I've seen in airports. And I'm in the Aerospace business. Just an example - a flight safety briefing should say "this is a seatbelt, If you don't know how or when to use it get off the plane". Is it wrong to secretly enjoy quarantine? Excellent meme - it hit a nerve!

  4. It's a little tragic: The Wright Brothers, the old sea-planes, the golden age of aviation: It's been reduced to this. We've taken something sublime and beautiful and turned it into cattle-cars in the sky. Commercial airports make me angry.

    It was degrading before COVID. I am not flying now unless I absolutely have to.

    I'm an aerospace engineer. I didn't become an aerospace engineer to do powerpoint begging a manager for permission to design rivet #57981 on sky-cattle-car #99671. I had to join the old flying club in school to remind myself of what flying was supposed to be about. Gen-av, the gen-av airports: A different world. A dying one, but fundamentally *better*.

  5. We certainly are Special, Ed.

  6. That should read "a special kind of stupid."

  7. Seeing as I'm an old fart, if I can't drive to my destination within two days, then and only then will I fly.

  8. Last time I flew commercial was 2004. I had a military school I needed to make Tech Sergeant. I do not like flying commercial, and would rather jump seat a C130 coast to coast and avoid the airport Bravo Sierra.
    Do not feel I am limiting myself by not flying, am not interested in going anywhere in that big of a hurry at this time.


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