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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Hold on just one minute here, you can't have it both ways.....


 Yesterday I was "shootin' the shit" with one of my employees and, as always, the conversation 

turned to current events. You can't help it, right? He mentioned hearing that they were hoping

to have a huge increase in births due to the whole covid pandemic which didn't happen.

  Me: why the fuck would would anyone want to bring a baby into this world in the current

situation. Would you want to be going to a hospital in labor with a new born on the way?

Plus the stress and daily BS of the whole situation doesn't really make for some candlelight

dinners with Barry White playing in the background leading to rose petals on the bed and 

an hour or two of baby making.

Onward to my point.  How many times have we heard there are too many humans? In a couple posts

below there were dire predictions of over population. NOW, they are sounding the alarm

on a decline in birthrates. 

I'm sitting here drinking covfefe and catch this headline:



Experts sound the alarm on declining birth rates among younger generations: "It's a crisis"


I thought that's what they wanted? Silly me.  Let's see what the "EXPERTS" say. (via CBS)


New data is confirming a baby boom that some doctors expected was actually a "baby bust." Health departments in more than two dozen states provided records to CBS News, showing a 7% drop in births in December — nine months after the first lockdowns began. 

Researchers say it continues a much bigger plunge in fertility in recent decades.

The number of babies the average woman in the U.S. is expected to deliver has dropped from nearly four in the 1950s to less than two today. 

The drop could present an entirely different risk to society than one that was first warned about decades ago — when an apocalyptic fear gripped America in the 1960s and 1970s.

"The stakes in this battle are far greater than any other we have ever fought," Walter Cronkite said in a 1970 CBS News broadcast. "The experts we interviewed told us population was the fundamental crisis."

As the world stampeded toward 10 billion people, many researchers back then predicted that overpopulation would ruin humanity.

Biologist Paul Ehrlich once explained the threat as "The Population Bomb," the title of a book he authored in 1968.

"Sometime in the next 15 years, the end will come — and by the end, I mean an utter breakdown of the capacity of the planet to support humanity,"  he said in a 1970 broadcast.

Today, however, a very different note is struck by researchers like University of Southern California Professor Dowell Myers, who studies demographic trends.

"The trouble is we overshot and we dropped it down too much now," Myers told "CBS This Morning" co-host Tony Dokoupil.  ( <<< READ THAT AGAIN.) ( so they are actively controlling birth rates?)

While the global population is still growing, a major study published in The Lancet in 2020 predicted it would peak in 2064, and then fall by nearly a billion people by the end of the century — the reason being, fewer babies.

The U.S. is already below the so-called "replacement level" by some measures, meaning fewer young people to support the country's otherwise aging population.

Myers said of the decline, "That's a crisis." 


"We need to have enough working-age people to carry the load of these seniors, who deserve their retirement, they deserve all their entitlements, and they're gonna live out another 30 years," he said. "Nobody in the history of the globe has had so many older people to deal with."


Hold on a minute. So we fucked all the future generations by overspending and sending trillions overseas and blew countless trillions on politicians pork projects and now people need to have babies, not because they want to have a family, it's so they can work and be taxed to fund the promises made to pay you tuesday for the hamburger you give me today. ??


The coronavirus pandemic is also making the problem worse — despite what some people previously thought.

"We thought, oh, we would see a baby boom. But we just haven't seen it," said Dr. David Jaspan, chair of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. 

Jaspan said patients are not only worried about their health, but their finances as well.

"I get a report every morning at 5:15 about what has happened in the last 24 hours. And the first report that I see is the number of deliveries in the last 24 hours," Jaspan said. "It's less than it used to be."

The Brookings Institution has predicted "a large, lasting baby bust" of at least 300,000 fewer children in 2021. 

For Laura Lindberg, who tracks reproductive data for the Guttmacher Institute, the decrease in births could be a sign of progress — a marker of women's equality and freedom of choice. 

"So it's a shift to later in life. In that shift comes more education, more career, more employment. So it's a reordering of how people engage in adulthood," Lindberg explained.

Dowell Myers doesn't disagree — but in the bigger picture, he worries the declining birth rate is also a "barometer of despair."

Myers said he never expected to be talking about a global declining birth rate during his lifetime. 

Asked what changed, he pointed to "the burdens of life."


"The cost of housing, the cost of education, all these things have become more and more difficult," Dowell said. "I think the boomers themselves don't realize how much harder it is for millennials today. And they think, 'Oh yeah, when we were young we had to live, you know, on very little money, and we made do, and you can do the same.' That's the story, right? Well no, it really is a lot harder for young people today. It's amazing how much harder it is."

 Those poor millenials probably all voted for Bidet.

I can't wait to live in a van down by the river and watch the world go by.

Until later  Enjoy the day!!









  1. The number of babies the average woman in the U.S. is expected to deliver has dropped from nearly four in the 1950s to less than two today.

    Baby boom? The troops came home and did what homecoming troops always do when they come home, they came at home, until the wives were past childbearing age.

  2. I thought we were running out of oil in the 1970s, too. That's when the new ice age was coming as reported in Time magazine.
    We have to "flatten the curve" and Covid goes away, too.
    I am thinking that "experts" does not mean what people think it means.

  3. Social Security, like any other Ponzi Scheme, needs an ever increasing base to continue paying for current "investors". As the working base shrinks, the whole pyramid begins to crumble. That is why they need more workers paying into the system and are now wanting to create new "citizens" from those who came here illegally.

    1. That really says it all in a nutshell. Without an increase in current "citizens" paying into social security, it collapses. Whether by birth or by converting the (many more than) 11 million illegals living in the US, the government desperately needs those people paying into the ongoing scheme.

    2. First, Social Security is an entitlement in much the same way as your paycheck is an entitlement - it is your money being returned to you with interest. The reason it is a Ponzi scheme is because the Dems used it as a slush fund to give everyone a piece of the action for votes. Its why there are so many social security "disabilities" with attorneys basing their whole practice on getting funds for the parasites!
      Second, we need to convince everyone we are running out of people to justify importing more.

  4. Stunned, am I. 2 thirtyish employee's were talking about their birth control details when they were 15. No wonder our peers were getting knocked up occasionally. These women's parents (mothers?) were making sure they didn't fall into the same trap of abortion or early unwed motherhood.
    Today's kids probably don't even need the pill. The Screen & isolation is doing the job.

  5. The only reason TPTB want the current crop of tax-slaves to have babies is to have a new crop of tax-slaves. Unfortunately, in the welfare state (majority of the Western countries in Europe and the northern part of N. America)--men are quickly realizing chasing after the "brass ring" or working over-time only begets higher taxes on income earned. Further, young men, after 5 decades of seeing grandfathers, fathers, uncles and older brothers getting divorce-raped aren't marrying the blue/purple/green/pink-haired, young "ladies" trained at the feminist-producing post-secondary institutions. Most of these men are working just enough to get by or stashing money away to retire at 45 and escape to some tropical country that's run by a government that doesn't pay a woman for all the children she has out of wedlock, gives her free housing and free food (ll on the back of the hard-working, tax-slaves).

  6. In the 60's and 70's the people that were into saving the planet always worried about over population and their first worry was the USA. Previously under Eisenhower the illegals in the USA were move out to Mexico. The 60's had LBJ and the Democrats move Social Security money into the general fund and they spent it, while at the same time birth rates lowered. This is continuing and worse marriage rates are dropping. Over time were have had increase in USA population with immigration (both legal and illegal). Bill Gates and others still are pushing the save the planet through cutting over population, but business and the country cannot handle it.

  7. relax, they're just laying the groundwork to support hojo's immigration surge and gates' murder vaccine. too many old people useless eaters vs. not enough labor yada yada. same story as last decade with barky osama.

  8. We should all jump in to address this latest crisis by doing our part. ☺
    Imagine the New Bar Pickup Lines.

  9. Decling burth rates have been an issue for over 20 years. A lot of the push in the 70 to 90's was to encourage women to wait longer to start families. Lots of couples waited into their 30's and then couldn't conceive. Biologically women have the best chance to concieve while in their 20's. Their is a reason an over 40 birth is called a geriatric pregnancy.

    Now birth rates are not dropping in africa or the middle east, all that aide we gave them is meaning more are livibg to adulthood.

    2.4 babies per women is considered replacement level. Drop below that and population decreases each generation, go above and it increases. The US is below that for citizens at 2.2, Canada is 2.1, much of europe is below 2.0 and one of the scandanazian nations is 1.6, unless you include the muslim conquerors who push the average back up to 2.6...


    1. And in the USA, moslelms and other imported and domestic POC's will pick up the slack.

    2. The fertility rates your quoting sound high. The last number I read for the US was 1.78. Europe is worse, Japan is headed for extinction.

  10. When the Socialist-Progressives we elected to Congress in D.C. took the money I worked hard to earn (from 0500 to 1800 5 days/) calling it taxes, threatening to take even more, and dispersing it as "charity" to those who could always whine an excuse not to work ...
    Gah! articles like this make me sick to my stomach. This isn't the country my parents came to; we've elected away “the shining city on a hill”, we've allowed the Socialist-Progressives to remove the gleam.

  11. Birth rates always drop as economic conditions improve for people. Well of people don't need a passel of kids to work the farm or take care of them as they age. So they choose to have fewer kids. In addition it is probable that the MASSIVE amounts of chemicals we are exposing ourselves to IS causing fertility issues and a change in birth rates. The truly scary fact is that the people still crapping out crotch goblins en masse are invariably from the murky side of the IQ bell curve. Anyone not sure how that will affect the future should read Cyril Kornbluth's "The Marching Morons".....or just watch the first few minutes from the movie Idiocracy.

  12. Useful people don't breed in captivity. For people to invest in families, they'd have to believe that there's a future.

  13. PS: Many of our problems in this country stem from massive overpopulation relative to ownership. If the number of people owning the serious land and resources is a microscopic fraction of society, there are only so many other flunkies and gardeners that they need, hence our economic malaise. If ownership were still broadly distributed, things would be much healthier, and there would be "room" for many more people in our economy. Even so, absolute numbers also matter.

    In our golden age, we had half the number of people living here as we do now.

  14. The future belongs to those who can be bothered to show up for it. They owe the rest of us nothing.


  15. Money Grubber Bill Gates is yapping about there are too many people. So of course, according to this dickwad, the problem is naturally caused by white Americans. Maybe he should read this and then STFU.

  16. The larger issues, those that are the root cause of most of our problems, have been concealed for decades.

    A while back, I posted a piece on here about an Article 5 convention of states. I read the replies to the piece with interest. We can't even agree on what the problem is- so how the fuck are we gonna solve it?

    This past week, the IRS sent me a penalty because although I paid my taxes on time, I had not paid quarterly. So without any due process- they simply conjured up a penalty and sent it to me. This is how it's all going to end- they are going to tax the living fuck out of all of us as they desperately try to keep this 29 trillion dollar debt liner afloat. People aren't going to bring kids into the world because economically- they are screwed. It isn't going to miraculously turn around either.

    More for them. Less for you. One day, people will recognize that it is the same old game- played out for centuries. It's about money and wealth, the haves and the have nots. The smart guys ripping off the dumb guys. Everything else is just a distraction and what we are discussing here- is simply the consequences- and not the root problem. Not even close. Brian

  17. Yeah, I don't know about all that crap everyone's going on about, but I do know this-it's too fucking expensive just to get thru giving birth! Not to mention the lost wages during the pregnancy, the hospital costs, the multitude of doctors visits, and so forth. After the birth there are diapers, baby formula, butt wipes, and even more doctors visits, all while missing time from work! Also add the cost of daycare!
    The majority of Americans don't have careers, we have jobs! Miss too much time taking the baby to the doctor or nurses and what you end up with is no job, bills stacking up, the baby to feed and clothe, and a roof to put over everyone's head!
    It is not why America is having fewer babies, it's given how high the deck is stacked against young and old alike, how can we possibly afford to have any babies?

    1. No amount of earthly success can compensate for failure in the home!

      Women are supremely perfect for child-bearing and then rearing them, not going out to get another job for more income that is then sucked away by children and the associated costs because Mom is *not* there to nurture and raise them!

      Now, I'm not saying that women need to stay barefoot and pregnant, but you gotta admit that Society as a whole is a lot poorer because The Family is no longer considered sancrosact.

      A Mother's work is the most supreme thing in the eyes of God. And we as a Society have forgotten this AND turned away from God. What did you expect to haben, unicorns and rainbows?

      Only gonna get worse until We the People come to our senses.

  18. A Great Big Bunch of HOOEY. Our country has been off the gold standard for 50 years, the US budget is cracking a couple of TRILLION dollars, where were all the tax payers funding that?
    The dipshits in DC will just print more money while looking for more excuses to take away your Constitutional Rights. F#ck all politicians, republican and democrats.


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