Wednesday, March 3, 2021

I Need Some Maffs Help..maybe



 Earlier today I checked out WMUR the New Hampshire News website. Weather, local news etc.

Anyhoo, there was a banner a the top of the page that read:


 For whatever reason unknown to me I focused on the numbers. They seemed low compared to everything that I/we have been told. Hour after hour day after day, tick tock, wash rinse repeat.

As I'm standing there at my computer I wonder "What is the current population of NH?"


then I searched the New Hampshire Covid stats that has this infographic:

Okay, more big numbers.

Now, being edumacated for 5 years of co-op at a Boston University and Graduating with a BSME

I figured I would do some maffs.

We'll start here:

75,990 tested positive. <Big Number right?

1,360,000 population est.

If I remember correctly to get the percentage you divide the smaller number by the larger number

and then move the decimal place 2 steps to the right. Don't ask me how Common Core does it, that

shit is fucked up.

So  75,990/ 1,360,000 = .055875    move the decimal to the right 2 steps and voila!  5.5%

5.5% of the New Hampshire population tested positive. We can get into how many were multiple 

counts, false positives, "almost, maybe" Covid etc but that's a post for another time.

Ok, let's do the deaths.

1,175/1,360,000 = .0008  < what?   move the decimal to the right 2 steps and voila! .08 percent.

According to my Chisanbop calculations above 95% of the state hasn't tested positive and you have

a 99.92% chance of not dying.

I guess it's all in how they present the facts and how the sheeple follow the Bread and Circus.

Can you imagine if the facts were presented on the positive side instead of the doom and gloom?


  1. I said from day one: the only relevant number would be hospitalizations.
    Testing "positive" is absolutely meaningless

    1. Even hospitalizations is a big of a stretch given the bounty that the CDC has placed on hospitals that 'diagnose' a patient with the Fauci flu ($13,000) and a bigger bounty for putting that person on a ventilator (an additional $39,000) …

      How many hospitals will resist that?

    2. The number that counts is your Vitamin D level. Make yours higher today.
      Note: Also helps with flu and colds as well.

  2. Well, because if they reported the true effect on the populace, they'd tell Dr. Fakey and his ilk to go pound sand.
    It's a Dempanic, after all.
    The Great Unwashed Masses can't do simple math, even with simple numbers...

  3. Well, now I now why I like your liked site, I too am an engineer, my claim to smart, but non engineer types is,,,I can do maff. So we locked down the entire country for a 99.92% survival rate, I had to explain this to my daughter and son in law, both who are well educated, but can't do maff.
    By my rough estimate, Covid is 2x to 3x as bad as the Flu. Speaking of maff, the Flu has miraculously disappeared!

    1. Yeah, in january, the cdc actually reported colds and flus were down 98%! They daid it was because of all the wu-flu mandates. Funny how the mandates cured that crap, but didn't do a thing for wu-flu, innit?

  4. It's been hovering around that since last July.

  5. Answerman CooperMarch 3, 2021 at 9:01 PM

    The maffs is racist.

  6. “ Can you imagine if the facts were presented on the positive side instead of the doom and gloom?”
    Yes we would have another Trump president!

  7. Irish - my bsme came from a small catholic boys (at the time) school in the mid-west, but following you astute guidance, I came up with a similar picture for Maine:
    Maine population 1.344MM
    As of March 3, 2021, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services reported 35,411 confirmed and 9,680 probable cases ('total' 45,091 - 2 sources) in the state, with 705 deaths attributed to the virus.[1][2]

    Total cases 45,091 / 1,344,000 = .03355 or 3.4%
    705 / 1,344,000 = .0005245 or .053%

    => above 96% of the state hasn't tested positive and you have a 99.94% chance of not dying.

    A tad better than New Hampster, but we have less massholes, so that would explain it... As always, thanks.

  8. The Facebook wienies (I use this term all the time, even on Fb; one of these days someone is going to ask me to define it) do not appreciate anyone who does not venerate St. Anthony of Fauci and will not permit a posting that does not agree with what is written in their bible.

  9. Sununu and the supremes ought to be impeached and a grand jury convened for this continued dictatorship and destruction of NH. The legislature is all but useless, however his highness Chris and the complicit judges need to go. It’s been a year of this Covid scam and the spoiled brat wanna be king is still in concord...WTF?!

  10. So it's been like 6 weeks now with Jill's guy at the helm and they still have not figured out how to present the numbers in such a way to make it look like he single handidly ended the Long Dark Winter. All they had to do is say "our guy has managed a survival rate of 99.92%, which, circling back, is just about like 100%".

  11. "you have a 99.92% chance of not dying."

    Actual math follows.

    Q. How many people were exposed to COVID in NH to date?
    A. NFI (No F**king Idea).
    So you have no idea how contagious it actually is in the wild, but all signs point to a penetration of less than 6% of NH's population.

    Q. How many people are positive who never got tested?
    A. NFI.
    So it could have penetrated to a higher percentage, but it clearly wasn't anything close to a large percentage of the total population of the state. Just like in 80-90% of the country.

    All you do know, is that of those known positive, 1.5% died.
    Some further research could probably tell you how many were seriously ill, but most weren't.
    So you don't have a 99.82% chance of not dying, you have a 98.5% chance of not dying, give or take.
    Which, as we told people at the outset, isn't so bad in the grand scheme.

    But if you manage to infect 20x as many people, you can expect about 20x as many deaths, which would be over 21,000 dead, instead of under 1200. Just in NH.
    For comparison, that's the annual death toll from the flu, in an average year, for the entire U.S.

    So maybe ensuring that we spread the virus to everyone in a given state, or the country, isn't such a great idea.

    Just a suggestion.

    Then, just for fun, look up current medical literature describing the lung scarring and other after-effects on many of the survivors of the most serious cases. Those people had pneumonia for a good time, and they're going to die at a vastly elevated rate for years, because they won't be able to handle future infections. Like annual flu. their lungs are tore up. others have kidney and liver problems because the disease causes clotting down to the capillary level, esp. in organs that get a lot of blood flow. like kidneys and livers. And hearts. And lungs.

    Q. So how many people has COVID killed, who just don't know it yet?
    A. NFI.

    Which is why I repeat: this ain't a hoax, it ain't the flu, and you don't want to get it.
    Esp. if you're in the Age 50+ seating area. Even more so if you have those lovely co-morbidities, like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, or an already weakened immune system. (That would be about 1/4 of the U.S. population, BTW.)

    OTOH, I've been working with metric f**ktons of the most serious cases for over a year, nightly, skipped the Pfizer vaxx (thanks, but no thanks; too much bad juju there. I'll probably get the J&J single-shot one presently though) despite repeated exposure, and being in the sweet spot of people it can easily cut down, using nothing but N95s, disposable PPE gowns, gloves, and hand sanitizer. 0 days off for being sick, with anything, in the last year.
    (Which, FTR, is why there's no flu going around this year. Remember N95s and hand sanitizer the next time you get a real flu season. If people would cover their coughs and wash their nasty hands, they'd prevent most common infections, but as a rule, we're all hairless tuskless little pigs.)

  12. (cont.)
    But continued (or continuous) lockdowns, and people wearing masks alone in their cars, or out walking solo outside, is asinine beyond belief. So is checking temperatures at building entry points, because infected people have no fever in 50% of cases, so that just insures that those with latent infections are being let into the building. That's about as effective as letting the TSA grope your nuts to find terrorists: 0% catch rate, right there, 2001-present.

    Oh, and Crawfisher: annual flu has a 0.1% death rate, since ever.
    So that makes COVID 15X worse than the flu, at least in NH. Not 2-3x.
    And as we're at a year or so since the first US death, 500,000 dead nationwide is 14x worse than an average flu season, and 10x worse than a bad flu year.
    And FTR, we didn't "lock the country down". NYFC was running subway trains daily with 2,000,000 riders right through the height of the outbreak there. That sort of half-assed "lockdown" that wasn't one, is why it got that bad there.
    In CA, when we actually locked down 85% of everything, we had less than 1K deaths when NYFS had 40K. But we started opening up after Memorial Day, after which we half-assed it too, which has gotten us two subsequent waves of massive infection blooms, and taken our state's death toll neck-and-neck comparable with NYFS.

    But for cities and states without a Chinatown, and little viral penetration whatsoever, we could have skipped locking down anybody but those infected or exposed.
    Which, IIRC, is how you're supposed to do quarantines, rather than punishing everyone, rather than just those sick or suspicious.

    One other Point Of Order: COVID didn't help Trump. But it didn't hurt him that much either.
    We all know he did actually win, and we also know who and where the election was stolen.
    COVID was just the excuse to unleash the Big Steal.
    The Steal was the problem; the virus, bad as it was, was just an excuse.

    Commies gonna commie.

    1. That was quite an essay; kudos.

      However, and this is no small matter: the CDC has, not once, but twice now, admitted that the actual deaths FROM Covid (not WITH Covid) is between 4 and 6 percent of what is being reported. Extrapolated, that would indicate a much smaller problem than the panic porn we have been living with the last year.

      Care to re-do the math?

      And, yes, Covid did in fact hurt Trump; it begat the Big Steal and going forward it appears that we are totally fucked.

    2. Nursing home deaths might be increasing after introduction of "the vaccine".

      To include a coworkers' sister up here, within a week went immobile, catatonic then morbid.

    3. Nothing worse than people who can't admit they were wrong, Aesop.

    4. "Some further research could probably tell you how many were seriously ill, but most weren't."
      It is the opposite of this. In August, the CDC released the number of patients who had died "of" not with. Of was around 9875. With was around 350,000.

      Strangely, the CDC changed longstanding guidelines (since 2003) instructing Doctors to put "all" causes of death in the top line, JUST before the pandemic struck.
      Kind of like how the whistleblower rules were changed JUST before the Ukrane whistleblower came forward. (But after he met with the Lawfare team.)

      When you see these things, you know you are being lied to. How much credibility you want to extend after that is a matter of personal experience. As for me, Fauchi, CDC, FDA, Phizer, Moderna... Zero trust.

      If you didn't clue in to this at the HCQ bad stage, you are a slow learner.

  13. So far 1,095 people have reported to have died from vaccine nation wide.
    For NH 14 people died.
    To get the NH 14
    Press search covid19 button
    Deceased Y button
    State NH Button
    Press search at bottom
    Info from: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
    Would be interesting to find out on patients death certificate if cause of death was from vaccination.
    Seems like the vaccination company would have to compensate families of victims when the shot kills you.

    1. Under normal conditions, they would. But congress exempted the drug manufacturers from liability.

      An adult governor would have told the feds to go fuck themselves and not allow the vaccine under those conditions in his state

    2. But if you manage to infect 20x as many people, you can expect about 20x as many deaths, which would be over 21,000 dead, instead of under 1200. Just in NH.
      For comparison, that's the annual death toll from the flu, in an average year, for the entire U.S.

      So how do you explain how 20x as many people havent been infected? Because of the magic face diapers?

    3. You would think, but the childhood vaccine injury act of 1986 actually shields vaccine manufacturers from all liability. This isn’t a new thing just for the covid vax. What is new is that congress has now also shielded doctors and nurses from liability for giving the vaccine. If you have a case you sue the HHS, or the taxpayers, via a special court known as the vaccine injury compensation court and HHS decides if you get compensation. The manufacturers get away with all the profits and none of the liabilities regardless of death or injury.

  14. Racist! Why would and what would a street thug do with that demonstration of white math? Simple hood math is all they need. Jerome has 6 hits of heroin and Tomekia has 12. How long does Tomekia have to live before Jerome has 18 hits?

  15. I'm a medical microbiologist by training and have completed several United States Public Health Service epidemiology courses and have worked on 2 CDC field investigations. I've been disappointed in the media during this whole Wuhan Flu pandemic. A positive test is not a "case" of Wuhan. But gloom and doom is what sells.

  16. Another factor that is left out in Covid death numbers is the difference between "died with" and "died from". If you die in an auto accident, and test positive in the autopsy results, the died with Covid is included in the death numbers. One publicized case of this was a gunshot victim in Colorado.

  17. Yet this assehole sununu, relying on a left wing activist, keeps extending mask mandates.

  18. The math is not hard . The politicians are and will not relinquish their emergency power over their subjects without a fight. It is not about people or safety , it is about their ability to control those they were elected to and no longer represent.

  19. We knew it was going to go into doom and gloom virus porn the moment they said doctors/hospitals would get more if the diagnosis was covid. That's why so many people with fatal long term illnesses, and many not-so-long term deaths like vehicular accidents, were immediately labeled as "covid related" deaths.

  20. And let's not forget that the CDC added a Maffs Fudge Factor to the infinity degree when they broke federal law last year by changing the way they counted China Wuhan Virus deaths.
    That allowedthe CDC, MSM and Democrats (redundancy noted) to be able to claim every day that 1.2 trillionbilliongadzillion people have died from the CWV.
    When I explain to people that the CDC changed the way they counted deaths (just applicable to the CWV)and that if you apply the same standard of counting that the CDC used for the past 17 years, there are less than 15,000 CWV deaths, I fail to see them have an epiphanic moment and they fail to realize they've been lied to from day one.

  21. Aesop - you might want skip the J&J shot. Remember the baby powder/asbestos circus?
    My advice is to avoid shots until a few months after the 3rd shot rollout so we can see the data for the 3 shots. The data so far is very concerning...

  22. Check the natural "replacement": the rate and the number of average daily death for a life expectancy of - let's say - 75 years.
    For NH:
    Population - cca 1.36 million... makes
    1,360,000 / 75 years = 18,133 deaths per year Sure, to actually replace, the same number must be new births...
    Per day: 18,133 / 365 = near 50... (49.68 makes 50, right?)
    Deaths number = less than 1,200 - Covid-tagged.
    This is NATURAL death total amount for 24 days from 365, less than a normal ONE MONTH.
    Means 24/365 = 0.0657 = 6.6% from total NATURAL, average number of one year deaths.
    Or, 1,200 / 18,133 = 6.6%
    Covid TAGGED...
    This is the globalist Marxists reason to destroy the white civilization.
    Natural replacement... replaced by a fraudulent scenario.


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