Monday, June 22, 2020



  1. Raises BOTH hands!
    Thumbs up...

  2. I was tired of this shit 3 months ago!

  3. So far our President Trump was survived and come out on top the winner in the:
    Russia Collusion hoax,
    Ukrainian hoax deal,
    A failed Impeachment Coup,
    False claims of racism,
    False claims of being a Xenophobic by banning travel to China at the start of Convid-19,
    Then blamed because he didn't stop China travel sooner,
    Failed attempts to blame him for the staged Police Protests,
    Failed attempts to blame him for the Riots and Looting the Mayors and Governors won't handle,
    Fake or skewed NEWS reports out the wazoo,
    Fake $$ Million paid for and ghost written tell all fictional books.
    and more.

    He is truly the Teflon Don.


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