Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mornin' (1+1)


  1. What a nice start for my day...

  2. Good morning, Irish.

  3. Bubba Wallace, yet another race hoaxer in the vain of Jussie Smallet, except this time the hoaxer got the backing of his entire national sport. Nice to see the FBI on the case though. They couldn't identify a Russian Dossier as a hoax for 2.5 years, despite spending MILLIONS of our tax dollars, yet outed the Bubba Wallace fiasco in a mere day and a half.

    Oh and Bubba didn't have to employ a couple of foreign nationals to help perpetuate his hoax. His sport and the entire staff of Talladega Superspeedway did that for him. Sniff.

    The really sad part here is that he'll get away with it because diversity.

    Any bets that if a white person had actually done the deed, and been found out, that person would be cooling his heels in jail right now, facing hate crime and terrorism charges, at minimum?

    This whole fooking country needs an attitude adjustment.


    1. It's not that the entire staff supported him. It's the Emperor's new clothes case, or the "don't stop clapping first". I'm sure the entire staff was aware of the fact that if they didn't demonstrate sufficient "Wokeness', their jobs & future would be gone. Unfortunately, the SJWs have taken over our society to the point that demonstrating insufficient enthusiasm towards a 'Woke' narrative means that there is a problem with you, and you need to be dealt with. So they supported him in the full knowledge that their jobs & future depended upon it, to avoid being tagged as a 'racist', truth be damned. The FBI then provided the cover to tell the truth.


  4. Saw Bubba "Overcome with emotion" as he was gettin ready to start the race.. Hell,, Id guess so.. Massive embarrassment like that could make a guy feel pretty bad.. Can anyone actually believe that it took an FBI investigation to conclude the obvious? Gee,, Ill bet if a picture of that "Noose" had been included in the original report, it would have been laughed at from the git go.. NOBODY in the garage area realized what it really was? IDK which is worse.. And NOw that I am certain they are all either idiots or complicit in a stupid stunt, Im even Less inclined to ever watch one more minute of their stupid racing,,

  5. NASCAR has joined NFL and NBA as dead to me.

    Also Richard Petty, who brought politics and SJW-ing to the sport.

  6. Agree w/rickn8or. MLB & NHL are next. At least I found FI! Lemonade.

  7. The arrogance of athletes and actors is mind-boggling. That they think we have any interest in their political views has driven many away. More time in my shop.


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