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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Damn Good Thing He HAD a Helmet On....


  1. HAD a helmet on...

    God watches over fools and small children, and he doesn't look like a small child. Actually, he looks like a real stupid adult. Kinda sad the gene pool wasn't cleansed by one more dumb sod.

  2. You'd think the stopped car woulda been a hint. That, and the moving cross traffic. Bet he can't spell situational awareness and fell asleep in motorcycle safety class when they talked about keeping yer stupid feet on the stupid foot rests so you can use the friggin' controls.

  3. Holy crap balls....that's gonna leave a mark....

  4. He kinda reminds me of the old activist bird in Buffalo who got shoved to the ground and started spurting fake blood all over the sidewalk.


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