Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A Word Game.. What's The First Word Comes To Mind When You Hear "Clinton" "Clinton Foundation" "Donor"...

   I'll Wait,


 Did you say it? Yup, me too.

Former president Bill Clinton, a friend of Bing and recipient of his donations via the Clinton Foundation, led tributes to him, saying: 'I loved Steve Bing very much.



The real estate tycoon was known for his close association to former President Bill Clinton after he pledged at least $10 million to his foundation. When Clinton flew to North Korea in 2009 to negotiate the release of journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling, it was Bing who settled it. The news has left the Internet in deep shock. "Why would this man with everything one could want commit suicide so suddenly?" one said and another posted, "Another close Clinton friend commits suicide. How many is this???"
Many people brought in various other popular names into the fiasco. One posted, "I bet Hillary Clinton was in the building at the time." One went on to say, "Where is @tomhanks? Not a word throughout this whole chaos?" For many, it's hard to believe. "Hard to believe a 55-year-old billionaire #SteveBing suddenly decided to jump off a tall building because he 'was depressed about social isolation during the COVID lockdown' which is over now anyway," one said.
"Did he get Epsteined?" one wondered and another said, "It's part of their cult ritual. Sacrifice a member periodically. so soon after Epstein." One asked, "My question is, WHY? #SteveBing I Want to believe he was not in the right state of mind if he did really 'jump'... Also, why is the media blurting out the nature of what SUPPOSEDLY happened? Why the hasty conclusion? This is really sad."


  1. Looks like, smells like... Arkancide!!

  2. Actually, I thought "Russia"...


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