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Saturday, February 1, 2020

"Remember These?" Part 2... Where Are They Now.....

Jeffery sent me on a mission with my morning coffee.

These are the ladies, in order, from the earlier post

After some google-fu the images below are what I came up.

Carmen Pope.  Very little information or images. Penthouse Pet 1978 and 1983

Link to some more photos at adult site **  xhampster <<  

Which I'm sure that some of you will remember.

Carol Imhof. Very little information. Playboy 1970
Link to some more photos at adult site **  xhampster <<  

Debra Harry

Barbara Eden

Barbara Hershey

Christy Canyon

Brinke Stevens

Catherine Bach



  1. Dump the old bats. Let's see some young boobies!

  2. Maybe Epstein was on to something

    1. You Sir, are sick.....
      But I still voted for you to win The Internet today gor that one! Zing (rimshot)!!!

  3. As they used to say in Tinseltown, good bones, good skin.

    A little clean living also helps.

    It's why Olivia de Havilland looks pretty good at 103 and Debbie Harry looks like death warmed over at 74.

  4. I read somewhere, some time ago that: Time is the fire in which we burn

  5. I reserve comment as it seems we all get older, fatter and uglier and I'm no exception. My wife, however, is the exception.

  6. Last week I was sure I saw Debra Jo Fondren. Then I remembered she was something like 5'2" and the one I saw was about 5'7". But what a look alike!

  7. I can’t believe I shaved my testicles for this?


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