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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Starting the weekend early


  1. Yes Please! I'll have both of those . . . types of beer . . .
    too ;-)

  2. I like the Trump girl better.

    And the one in the plaid shirt.

  3. She can get my beer and pop it's top too...

  4. I had no idea that stuff was still made. Might have to indulge.

  5. St. Pauli had an advertising slogan "You never forget your first girl". I had the t shirt. Ex used to get pissed off when I wore it.

  6. Many years ago I lived in a group house and there was at least one beer thief in the bunch so I started buying St Pauli Girl Dark.

    I didn't mind drinking it since my favorite beer at the time was the wet kind but apparently the thief couldn't stand it 'cause they never come up missing.

    I actually grew to like the stuff.


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