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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Almost 20 Years Ago This Was Released.... One of the first viral videos...

405 is a three-minute film released in June 2000. It was produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt on a US$300 budget, using significantly self-taught skills with personal computers. As the first short film to have become widely distributed on the Internet, 405 is also one of the first, if not the first, viral videos. It immediately became notable as an early example of the revolution in digital filmmaking and the use of broadband Internet as a channel to distribute media, and the results rival that of many major film and television production studios at the time.

Jeremy Hunt founded SCREAMING DEATH MONKEY << 

Bruce Banit started BanitFX


  1. Don't recall seeing it before but it is a 'classic'

  2. I remember this well. I was doing video work for a lil' ol' airplane manufacturing company here in the PNW at the time, and all this new fulderah with computers, digital everything, online this and that, email, internet (although I ran into the internet, actually DARPAnet, in the early '70s; don't ask about it, though...), and the like was pretty astounding. I recall sitting watching this and trying to figure out how they did that. Hell, today I could do this on a smart phone, but back in the day...

    Now, get off my lawn, ya' you young punk whippersnappers!

  3. The 405.
    It's a way of life.
    Last week I set a record: 40 miles in 2 hours 40 minutes. I contributed, because I AM TRAFFIC.


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