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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Why Do All The Crumbs Lead To The Klintoons?

Robber baron' daughter of former Uzbekistan dictator is set to lose her property empire including £30m Surrey mansion as anti-corruption investigators try to seize her assets



  1. They also lead to the Os.

    The Democrat party is made up of crime families.

  2. Seriously... like, its common knowledge how corrupt our "leaders" are... my local Blimpie sign even ssys "Epstein didn't kill himself".

    The cops are corrupt, they're not going to fix it.

    The courts are corrupt, they're not going to fix it.

    At what point, what would these dirtbags have to do to us (boxcars?) before WE THE PEOPLE start inventorying lamposts and cutting up short lengths of rope?

    TINVOWOOT.... you know that, right?

    How much more are you willing to take? As the internet told me GW said one time, "my homies wouldda been stacking bodies by now". These crooks don't deserve a fair trial. String 'em all up one after the other, and leave them there forever as a lesson to the next group.


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