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Monday, January 27, 2020

Nakers.... You Decide.

  I think Mark Dice sums up the situation over Alison Morris's on air comment:

"MSNBC has helped create the Cancel Culture we're living in, which has no regard for facts or reasonable explanations, so I can't say I feel sorry for you now that the mob is coming for you! Hows it feel to get a dose of your own medicine?"

I found a clip of the original and then slowed it to about .75 speed. You decide.

( For the record, if  she worked for FOX or OAN,  The leftist media would be playing the clip non- stop until she were fired.)

 Normal speed:

 Slowed to .75 speed



  1. I hear Los Angeles Nakers actually... but I'm old and have old ears.

  2. She actually uses the nigger term frequently for it to pop out of her mouth so easily.

  3. She said it right. I don't have a problem with it.

  4. I agree with Anonymous, if she doesn't use terms like that in her normal everyday life, it wouldn't slip out like that.

  5. I heard "naker" which is a kettle drum ... right?

  6. NY Girl, thinking Nicks,mid thought tried to make it Lakers.........

  7. Yep, not defending the whole premise of this, but I'd bet she was about to say Knicks, and mid-word changed it, Knickers.

  8. I heard nakers, clear and distinct.

  9. Started to say Knicks, changed to Lakers, came out nakers. No harm no foul.

  10. We can easily hear the same word differently. For instance, the whole Yanny or Laurel thing from some years ago, ( CBC piece with an interesting demo on how you might hear the same word differently -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g8fE_o1ASc&feature=emb_logo ).

    Or, just this past football season Seahawks vs 49ers in overtime, the ref asks the Seahawks' Gino Smith to call the toss, he says quite clearly - as I heard it - "Tails!", the ref says, "Your call is heads," and tosses and says, pointing to Gino, "It is a heads, you won the toss!" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa3W1J59HPo )

    WHOA NELLY! What just happened? BUT, my g.f. was right there beside me watching and she insists Gino call "Heads!"

    Now, I don't do no whacky tabbacky or none of that stuff, but I sure as heck heard Gino say "Tails." Howsomeeever, Richard Sherman, a man who, as we Seahawks fans can attest on the grave of our ancestors, is not a man to shy away from anything controversial, was standing right there. He was closer, he is younger, and he was motivated to jump like a cat on anything that he thought was wrong there. And he did not. I can only attribute the way so many people heard two different words is that ambiguity and expectations can be influential.

    I despise these alphabet networks as much as any rational person, but I will not indulge in the childish game playing they do. Schadenfreude is a gleeful thing, but nobody should lose her career over a totally understandable error, in the heat of the moment, under the gun to get information out there, and she confusticates Nicks and Lakers.

    Beside, I am sure she said Tuscarora. And I am stickin' by it.

  11. I didn't hear anything derogatory or offensive. the hazards of live broadcasts. what is the problem "some people" have with this. I don't get it. this political correctness shitf needs to be put into a can and dropped into the marianas trench.

  12. I am all for burning media slobs at the stake... but this one is harmless.

    Sad when it’s a bigger crime to be called a nigger than it is to act like one...

  13. Wow, a liberal who may be burned by the fire she helped start! Go figure.


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