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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Once a Machinist, Always A Machinist...

  Sometimes to a fault.....

 (Hey, At least I didn't break out the micrometers )



  1. So if you've got the good calipers, why not use them? Sure doesn't hurt in any way.

    When I first saw the pic, I thought you were cutting the calipers, not using them to measure and mark the wood.

  2. If your calipers are accurate to 0.0001" you don't need a micrometer. You're already there.

    OTOH, the wobble and tooth offset inherent in even the best saw blade will reduce your precision to +/- 0.005".

  3. Digital?

    Sorry I had to go there. I have a Mahr dial that I had for years. I got a Franklin Arsenal inexpensive digital as part of some reloading supplies I bought at auction about 25 years ago. I trusted my dial caliper and I seemed to be zeroing the digital caliper all the time. A company I worked for issued me a Mitutoyo digital that somehow ended up in my personal toolbox. I like the Mitutoyo.

    1. I've got a Brown & Sharp 6" dial that the machining super. gave me at the last place I worked. He had several, including a couple of digital models, and decided that he didn't need them all.


  4. It could be worse... you could have dug out an Interferometer to measure.

  5. No matter what, a little caulk, and all your mitering errors disappear.

  6. I do this all the time!

    Like SiG said, if you have a good, accurate measuring device, why not use it?

  7. But how do ya know it is SQUARE?

  8. I figured out long ago the being machinist (40+ years now) would ruin me for wood working.

  9. Measure it to the millimeter, mark it with chalk, and cut it with an ax.

  10. Since my carpentry skills suck so bad I shouldn't be allowed near wood working tools in the first place and my machinist skills are barely above that level I see absolutely no problem using digital calipers to mark a board.
    Right before I fire up the chainsaw to cut it.

  11. I'm not seeing where you indicates the blade in. Run out, and perpendicular to the sad piece of pine you're bout to cut.

    Oh Hum, there's PHD's (Push here dummy) and then there's machinists. My dial calibers don't get near wood or Phenolic dust. It'll fuck them up quick. And yea, I can't do wood projects inside my home either.

  12. Just a added note. Thanks for all the comments :) I was trying to get the laser dialed in. When you turn on the blade it has a laser line that is supposed to hit the left had side of the kerf. Even though I allowed for it, my cut lengths were off a bit. The saw hasn't been used in a while and I finally went back to square one and started re-adjusting the guide and bevel to be square and true. For some reason my combination square has disappeared so I'll pick up a new one this week.

  13. I measure shrimp with vernier calipers.

  14. That pic would have made my Dad smile! Thanks, Irish! :o)


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