Saturday, November 23, 2019

Vintage Heat: More photos of the timeless Bettie Page

 Image result for bettie page playboy


  1. I saw a film a few years back called "The Notorious Betty Page" starring Gretchen Moll. Not a bad movie and Ms. Moll did a great job portraying Betty.......

  2. Ironically 4 years ago critics would have called her fat. But today they would call her skinny. Classy lady.

  3. In 1955 her measurements were given as 5'-5" and 128 lbs. She had a 36" bust-23" waist-35.5"hips. Her sister (who did some modeling and burlesque but never reached Bettie's status) had the identical measurements. Fat, skinny, and other labels are just that. As you well know, beauty is the eye of the beholder. Thanks for stopping by B_Rad.


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