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Thursday, November 21, 2019

SHOCKED! I am shocked I say!

Photo emerges of DEEP STATE operative and traitor (aka "whisltleblower") Eric Ciarmella and the most anti-American president in the history of these United States.

Read more HERE.


  1. Hey Jeffrey;

    Look at the veneration and worship shown on his face when he met Obama.

  2. Here's guy that probably has arkancide in his future.


    1. He is definitely way out on the limb, he knows too much. The Dems cannot afford for him to talk, let alone take the witness stand. So follow him, get a lil undercover honey, like they did with Papadopoulos, pick him up for public intoxication and solicitation. Accidently "discover" that he is "obviously looney tunes" and needs to be protected from himself or something, AND PUT HIM INTO WHITLESS PROTECTION. Fight Fire with FIRE! It's not kidnapping if the Government does it under the Patriot Act, Right?

    2. That would be a strong possibility Nemo.

  3. oh, look. he's a runty little shit. all the runty little shits I know just love to stir the pot, and here's one more

  4. OT, but I love the new header picture. I tried to hunt down the original source but failed. There are at least 2 pictures of this woman in that outfit. And she is major yumm. https://cristacrawford.com

  5. I tried to post this to my book of face page.....it got wiped clean; like with a bleach cloth or summtin. HEH, made my day!!!


  6. It sure looks these two obvious fairies have the hots for one another.


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