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Friday, November 22, 2019



  1. Kinda been there, done that firing my friend's .460 Weatherby Magnum.............

  2. As my Dad said when I fired my first shot my first rifle (1903A3 rifle) at the age of 8-9..."HANG ON TIGHT AND PULL IT INTO YOUR SHOULDER POCKET"!!! Oh yea what a thrill when it went off and I was still hanging on and had the rifle still in the firing position in my shoulder pocket!!! Left the range feeling like I was floating 10 feet off the ground with pride as I hit the target. Luck most likely, but I hit it! Dang that felt good!

  3. I remember shooting my Dad's Browning Sweet 16 when I was 5. I stayed on my feet and kept the shotgun in hand, but had one hell of a bruised shoulder for a few days.


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