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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Remember her from "The Fall Guy"?


  1. She had a lot of drug problems after the show ended, but was able to clean up her act.

    Beautiful girl.

  2. One of the best reasons to watch "The Fall Guy"..............

    1. Hi Jeff!!,
      "10-4!!!!".. and the stunt scene's.... My old friend "Mike Burt" did the intro scene where Majors jumps from the Cessna with what looks like "No Parachute on but one was under his jacket!!" We Skydivers also cheered the episode "Escape from Devil's Island!!" I think that was it, anyway they ride dirt bikes out the back of a skyvan and land under parachute... one shot you can see the shadow of the crane for the landing shot... my buddy's Pat and Jerry Swovelin were a couple of the jumpers!! We "LOAO!!" at that ring of jumpers with the "Flash Bang!!" all shot at "OTAY" out east of Chula Vista... My Old DZ!!! Made many a leap there!!!!! Yup, those were some "Good times!!!"
      Blue skies,

  3. Heather Thomas, hell yeah! I think half the ratings for that show were because they kept playing the scene where she walked out in a bikini in the opening credits!

  4. The other Heather, Lockyear, deserves a look, too

  5. She shot me right thru puberty the very first time I saw her.


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