Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ultralight "Bug-Out Bag" / gear recommendations

I came across this video recently and thought it very well made, informative, and practical. If I am home in a SHTF or disaster type situation that is where I will remain. I have never carried a "bug-out" bag because my plan has always been to "bug-in". However, my spouse and I do travel from time to time and have made preparations to assist us in getting home in an emergency situation if at all possible. We have in our vehicles "get home bags" among other things. If you or your spouse travel frequently or commutes a fair distance from home daily, it would be wise to have a similar kit, a plan to reach home or a rally point, and if possible some alternate form of communication (i.e. C.B. or HAM radios, etc.). I am certain this bag would not work for everyone, but it is a good starting point. Naturally, medications, tactical gear, weapons, etc. would be left up to each individual. The video is a little long at app. nineteen  minutes but not a waste like some YouTube videos where idiots like to hear themselves talk. The guy who made it knows his stuff and it is worth the time to watch for obvious reasons.



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