Thursday, October 25, 2018

Political Break: My Just Turned 4 Year Old Grandson Rides Mechanical Bull At Local Harvest Carnival Earlier This Week


  1. Hey, he went more than 8 seconds...winner!

    1. He is pretty mature for his age. He wouldn't ride it last year. In the days leading up to the carnival all he talked about was, "I didn't ride it last year, but I'm going to ride that bull this year", etc. He is at a fun age. His birthday was the 6th of this month. My wife and I bought a Henry Mare's Leg in .22 for him. The small "stock" and the 10.5" barrel makes for a good rifle for him. We have a ways to go regarding precision shooting (his is "pointer" right now, but he can work the lever like nobody's business. LOL. I'll try to post some picture of him shooting it soon. He has been "shooting" for over a year.


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