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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Some Posts I've Found In Regard To The Magabombardier....


Also the are always some good observations if you scroll through the comment sections of each one.

Cesar Sayoc: ‘MAGA Bomber’ Facebook Betrays Democrat Trump Infiltrator, Anti-GOP Posts


RED ALERT: Meet the Laughably Fraudulent Patsy Just Arrested for Democrat-Staged Fake Bombs


Cesar Sayoc, package bomber: The pieces that don’t fit


Personally , I ain't buying the current narative.




  1. The whole thing got picked apart into a thousand pieces over at QResearch.
    That van is a comedy of errors in the end.

    (((They))) are desperate and getting sloppy.
    Now we have a shoot 'em up at a synagogue in PA.
    Expect more to come.

  2. Thanks for some thought provoking reading.


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