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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Meanwhile, In Whatshername Shitz Basement....



  1. Why is it that Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz's home hasn't been SWAT'd... you know, just for public safety and precaution?

  2. I'm thinking her IT guy left some packages to mail, and she just now got around to it.

  3. had to have an incompetent involved in assembling the "devices" as none detonated. incompetence is clearly the hallmark of the democrat operatives(ANTIFA). Should i wish to make a point of it, i would have sent a 45apc cartridge and instructions on how to manufacture a pistol for it so they could use it on themselves. just as effective.
    Still, I don't believe violence is the answer. the petulant screams of the left after they lose an election is all one should ask for.

    1. They never intended for it to detonate and I doubt if those packages can even be made to detonate as is. The packages were designed to be found by anyone with half a brain at the post office. It wouldn't surprise me if the post office was tipped off to "be on the lookout". Of course the media pukes will suppress that information as it would blow even more holes in this farce.

    2. Of course they were never meant to be detonated. Who in their right mind would put an ISIS or any other kind of decal on a bomb? If they were real bombs the decal/sticker would be obliterated. This was just "eye-candy" for the MSM. SHOCKER! The bombs don't work and neither do the demoRATS.

  4. debbie wasaman schits is one ugly transgender

  5. on the other hand; there's denero...

  6. Yeah, but they weren't made of steel, but PVC. Which makes them props for the media rather than weapons.....

  7. Hey Irish, You seem to be a bit wound up there.

    I understand! There's only 12 shopping days left until ...? Or... there's only 12 days of Mob behavior left before the election...

    and then there's the left's agony afterward.
    Sometimes I think of walking away from all of it. Might do my BP good.
    But I need to see them coming, or I wouldn't be comfortable... Ever!




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