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Monday, July 30, 2018

When A U.S. Marine Has A Toddler.....

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  1. Has be and his wife birthed a future sergeant, maybe?

  2. When my oldest was about three, he had a bit of difficulty pronouncing some words. He and my wife were in line at the grocery store checkout, waiting for a big ol' guy in front of them to pay for his purchases. The guy was having trouble counting out the money and was really slow doing it and holding up the line. About that time, a big dump truck pulls up out front, and my son got excited, seeing as he really liked trucks. So he points out at the truck, which was right behind the guy, and says in a loud voice, "Dumb fuck! dumb fuck! Look at the big dumb fuck, mommy!" The guy slowly turned toward him and my wife, who said, "oh, wow, that is a big Dump Truck, isn't it.? That's a really nice big Dump Truck!" She told me that several folks had trouble stifling their laughter!


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