Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I'm sure they were all paid to protest

Anti-gun protesters were bused to the state house in the capitol city of Montgomery, Alabama today to voice their disdain for the NRA, guns, chainsaw bayonets, blah, blah, blah, blah. It is difficult for me to complain because the majority of Alabamians do not march to the beat of that sort of drum and actions such as these, like those of Waters, Warren, Pelosi, etc.,  only encourage "fence-riders" not to vote "DEMONRAT". It is the same old song, just a different verse. I saw one "wild-eyed" libtard carrying a sign which read "BAN 3-D GUNS and BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS".  I really do not wish to rant and or rave against this MSM smoke and mirror campaign  of late whose purpose is to sow the seeds of dissension and fear within the American populace about an issue that will never come to fruition, but I will offer some food for thought. The further purpose of this campaign is to cause division among the citizenry, introduce fear into the ignorant, divert attention to REAL issues, and bring the left closer to their goals of stricter gun control and eventual banning of firearms. Every MSM news outlet for the last few days has blared this fear mongering message, yet not one of the talking heads has attempted to explain the "mechanics" of building a 3-D gun. In a nutshell, the computerized milling technology exists, but does the average American possess the resources to obtain/implement complicated springs, case hardened steel (extractors and such), etc. which would withstand the rigors and pressures of such a homemade gun? Of course, they do not. Most people I know could probably build a "zip gun" or some other crude firearm that would function, but I have to come to the sad reality that I cannot crank out a MG42, Colt Peacemaker, or Model 94 Winchester on my wife's Hewlitt-Packard printer. Neither can I go to the local public library and build a similar gun (as the media suggests that can be manufactured on the printer there). If these idiots were truly concerned about human life, they would decry the almost nightly homicides committed in REAL cities such as Birmingham, Alabama by black folks killing black folks with REAL guns which were REALLY legally obtained by law-abiding REAL Americans that ultimately to ended up in the hands of REAL felons (more times than not)  and are used to REALLY kill the hell out of their fellow man who more times than not are not REALLY men, but mere children. These REAL shootings are usually the end result of disputes over important things such as shoes, jackets, and  caps. All too often REALLY innocent people are shot and sometimes killed in the course of these shooting (this weekend in the HAM there was two innocents killed during  "drive bys".  In summary most of us here realize that the preservation of human life is not REALLY the motivating factor of the communists who attend "anti-gun" rallies such as the one in Montgomery today. 




  1. Test, test, test.........I tried commenting on this last didn't "stick".
    Deplorable B Woodman

  2. I don't live that far away and I had no idea this was going on.

    1. It was "right downtown Montgomery" at the state house Critter.

  3. ...In short, it's not about "guns," but "control..."

  4. Irish a little wound up, are Ye now? I totally agree

    Frankly, I'd have to take 3D CAD/or whatever classes, buy a 3D printer. Buy the software. Buy all the physical component materials, not to mention all the time it takes to supposedly, actually produce one. and I mean, "1" one!

    The whole thing is silly. On the other hand, it really is a matter of principal.

    "if they mean to have a war, let it begin here."


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