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Friday, August 3, 2018

Is the NRA in financial trouble?

I have been a member in the past, but currently am not. The NRA has done a lot of good things since their conception. However, the NRA has behaved foolishly in more recent times (i.e. jumping on the anti-"bump-fire" bandwagon right after the LV shooting). An "old-timer" once told me years ago that an American should not have to belong to any organization to protect a right that is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Since then, I have been of that opinion.

A attendee passes by a large banner advertising a handgun during the NRA convention at the Georgia World Congress Center on Thursday, April 27, 2017, in Atlanta. President Donald J. Trump will keynote the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum at the convention on Friday. (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

Read all about it HERE.


  1. The Ruling Class is using their occupation of the “commanding heights” to crush our liberties. In this case, it is power in finance and insurance to crush our 2nd Amendment rights. Not new, but still disgusting.

    Liberty requires defending, if not with peaceful means (like the NRA’s lobbying efforts), then eventually with violence.

    I agree with your old-timer that Americans “shouldn’t have to defend their liberties”, since they are guaranteed in the Constitution. We shouldn’t have to, but we still must. We know that for a long, long time now, the Constitution has been shredded by the Ruling Class. For example, look at what has happened to our 4th Amendment right to be proof from warrantless government search. (Look up “Echelon”, if this isn’t clear.)

    I prefer peaceful means. That’s why I am a life member of the NRA. That doesn’t mean I approve of everything they do. But most of the time they are fighting on the right side of the issues. And we must fight.

  2. I've been an NRA member, off and on, since the fifties. I joined again this year and just prepaid the next year's dues.

    As an 'old-timer' I think, here, now, today it's the right thing to do.

  3. Sorry, folks. This is another BS fund-raiser by the NRA. I was a member for over twenty years, until I discovered they are strictly a fund-raising organization, with the admin enjoying the income. When tI discovered they helped pass the Lautenberg Amendment without telling us members until AFTER it was signed into law, I started looking into their operation with a more critical eye. And then I quit and became a LIfe Member of GOA.

    NRA has helped write every major (and a lot of minor) piece of gun control legislation since even before NFA 1934 (which they helped pass). In the August 1968 issue of American Rifleman, they even _bragged_ about it, saying that they wanted to show the world that they could be "reasonable", willing to compromise (this article being right after they compromised our rights away in helping to write the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968.

    They also helped write - and supported - the Lautenberg Amendment, which was retroactive, yanking people's gun rights for things that occurred twenty or thirty years (or even more) before this legislation was passed and signed into law.

    I'll believe they are running out of money when I see the NRA board swapping their Mercedes for a Prius, and selling their property in Chevy Chase to buy something smaller in Hoboken, New Jersey. The Second Amendment Foundation is a fund-raising outfit, too, but they DO accomplish some good, like the Heller decision (not great, but good in showing that the 2nd _is_ a personal, individual right).

    The NRA fought that, telling the 2nd Amendment Foundation that they should not take the case to the Supreme Court. When it became obvious that Gottlieb and Gura would not back down, THEN the NRA signed onto it. After it was won by Gura, the NRA tried to pass it off as _their win, instead of the 2nd Amendment Foundation's hard-fought win.

    No, this is more NRA bull. But they draw in over $30 million yearly, between dues and donations, for all of the alarmist mail they send their members, so they aren't about to stop.

    1. I have to agree with you. Over the past 18 months they have had a massive infusion of money with new members and donations. If they are running out of money then they have a bigger problem - gross mis-management and graft.

  4. I'm an NRA member. I quit them for several years over their carve out on the McCain-Feingold act. But joined again after the Florida school shooting. (Fuck the idiot David Hogg) I don't think the NRA IS broke. But they are having trouble collecting dues and membership fees because many credit card companies and money transfer services have stopped processing payments to them. That is wrong. Probably illegal. And don't doubt for a minute it could happen to you.

    1. Sorry. I meant Citizens United. Still McCain. I hate that guy.

  5. Hi Irish,
    I quit the NRA when they wouldn't give Mike Vanderboegh and Dave Codre Press Passes at their Convention or what ever it was back a few years ago!! If the NRA can't support Mike and Dave, two Patriots who "Broke the o'bummer-holder Fast and Furious Fiasco, they don't need my money!!!!!!!!
    Got GUNZ.................OUTLAW!!!!!!!!,
    Autendes, Fortuna, Ivat,

  6. If it wasn't for the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation our Right to bear arms would have legislated away long ago. Sorry have to disagree strongly but if gun owners would be more active and be NRA members we could crush the progressives....

  7. Don't fall for the fake news and propaganda. All gun owners should be NRA members. Gun owners are their own worst enemies. The FUDD types and uniformed(stupid) think they know what Americans should own and what to do with them.

    Without NRA and SAF most of you would be crying the blues.


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