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Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Story That Inspired The Book and Movie Mini-Series Lonesome Dove

An article written by Diane Alden of NewMax.com tells the story of  these men Goodnight and Loving.

"Come gather 'round me boys

And I'll tell you a tale,

All about my troubles 

On the Old Chisolm Trail...."

In the history of the West gunfighters and ne'er-do-wells got most of the glory and most of the ink. The History Channel does four efforts on outlaws and lawmen for every one they do on the parade of people who were not so notorious. The fact is the outlaws and lawmen were not THE story of America or the West. Ordinary and not-so-ordinary men and women are the real story. 

Click HERE for the rest of this vert interesting story of Oliver Goodnight and Charles Loving who were portrayed as Captains Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call in the movie Lonesome Dove.


                        Also, here is a great video on the same subject for those who have not seen it.


  1. Isnt' that typical. People seem to love the bad guys. Just like girls liking the bad boys. But I have always gravitated toward crime fighters myself. The ones who fight the bullies, the guys who terrorize towns and think they are king and everyone around serves them. Kind a like the elites today who run scofflaw and no one does anything about it. We have all these legal beagles, and public servants who are supposed to fight for what is right, but instead the follow the law and the law is tailored to protect the scofflaws.

    Very good point. Even places that are "liberal" tout the glory of the bad guys. Why, because at heart, they long to be the bad guy also, even though they don't have the stones to do so, at least man to man. They would rather work the halls of power and make their play with words on paper.

    1. Actually, I don't think people love the bad guys, but the Left loves what they call anti-heroes, so it's all we see anymore.

  2. The real story was better.

    Charlie Goodnight invented the chuck wagon and the big ranch, pioneered West Texas, and was an Indian-fighting Texas Ranger.

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    1. You are welcome Rhosette. I have another good piece on this subject. If I can find it, I'll be sure to put it up.


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