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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Effects Of Nuclear Weapons

Below is the link to a very informative government document. A huge hat-tip to reader kimberwarrior45 ! 

                                                                                                                    Image result for Mushroom cloud

                                                        As published by the U.S. Department of Defense. Click HERE for the link to the PDF format.


  1. Jeff

    Here is an illustrative graph of what one nuke's effect would be:


    Roughly 50% +/- of the US in the dark. Instantly.

    Whitehall, NY

  2. Probably the best book on the subject is available free online at:


    Written by Cresson Kearney, "Nuclear War Survival Skills"
    is a practical and *field-tested* guide to surviving nuclear war.
    Highly recommended

  3. NN
    If I may offer 2 Nuke related sites for viewing.

    Nuke Detonation simulator ---- http://www.nucleardarkness.org/nuclear/nuclearexplosionsimulator/
    See the kill radius of various nukes on a given location.

    Radiation Network --- http://radiationnetwork.com/
    It has volunteers worldwide constantly monitoring background radiation.
    It has uncovered numerous "officially" unreported issues.

  4. NN
    Something to keep in mind.
    If NK launched a nuke, the US is faced with a CHINA & RUSSIAN threat also due to shared
    borders. Since Wind Jet streams and Radiation has no concept of borders, I don't think the USA will be using nukes to retaliate.

    I see a cloud of Cruise Missiles raining down on the NK capital and keep areas like the DMZ.

    1. The problem with not using nukes is that it will result in many more deaths of South Koreans. NK can easily rain down artillery on Seoul where 25 million people would be at risk. The only thing that can stop NK from using every single one of it's 60 nukes and it's massive military is a complete and total annihilation of the NK army and arsenal. If NK attacks with a nuke an immediate nuclear response is the only effective and rational one. Any other response will doom us to a long war with massive deaths on the Korean peninsula interspersed with nuclear attacks/missiles from NK whenever they feel like it. This option would be pure suicide. Make no mistake, unless something reins in Kim nuclear war is likely.

      For what it's worth; in the event of a nuclear detonation upwind from you it will take more than a few days of hiding in the middle of a building or your basement to avoid fallout. The recommended period in the fallout shelter is 49 days. This number comes from the decay rate of fallout which is measured in a kind of rule of 7's. That is the decay of many radioactive byproducts of a nuclear explosion reduces exponentially over time where after 7 hours the fallout radiation will be cut by half and after 14 hours cut to 1/10th... and after 49 days cut by 1/1000th. There are other variables; contact explosion vs air explosion, dirty bomb design with specific long lasting radiation components, a very large bomb vs a Hiroshima sized bomb and more.

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  6. The [unclassified] 1977 revision of this book was heavily edited during the Carter Administration, to remove material deemed too offensive and too graphic for the public to see, mostly photos of blast/burn victims. In retrospect, an early version of politically correct revisionist efforts.

    Pre-1977 editions of the book carry much more content. A very good overview of Glasstone and Dolan's work can be found here:


    During the Cold War, you had basically three ‘players’ in the nuclear arena: USA, USSR and China. Now the playing field is jungle of smaller, more unpredictable nations. A much more dangerous situation. The threat of a nuclear exchange never went away. It just got moved off the front page of people’s consciousness, merely obscured by today’s “Weapons of Mass Distraction”. The threat remains.

    9-11 was a Wake-Up Call. Most people in this nation have simply hit the snooze button.

    My humble 2¢ worth....

  7. Thanks to all for the feedback and the links. I am sure our readers really will enjoy this!


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