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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Car Crashes Crowd at Charlottesville Event

This scene reminded me of the old saying "he was driving it like it was stolen". I am not sure if it was a he, she, etc. At this point I am not sure the authorities know who done the ramming and who got rammed. I am surprised that more than one person was not killed.


  1. A lot of conflicting stories on the driver. The police say they have him in custody. The fact they are real quite about the driver makes me think the early story of confused antifa member is most likely.


  2. What did they expect taking down a statue of Robert E. Lee is like taking down a statue of Martin Luther King jr. to some people.

  3. I was watching the news on this before the car crashed through the crowd and my impression was that the police and governor intentionally allowed the violence to escalate. I can only guess that they assumed that the fascist antifa would kick the demonstrators ass and that was what they wanted to see. IMHO the police should have prevented the violence and kept the two sides apart. I believe they allowed the violence and then some nut did the unthinkable.

    1. I think the authorities may have let it escalate. I also see how it could easily have been a confused ANTIFA person driving. That would make sense. Most of those I have seen and heard seem to be very confused. The driver was definitely on a "mission" though. My first thought was an ANTIFA posing as a pro-White person (notice how the whites are labeled as a WHITE ******* and everyone else is a "counter-protester"). Hell, who knows, it could be some ISIS goathumper that saw an opportunity to strike a blow for Islam while stirring the pot of racial discontent. I think I'll change the header. LOL

  4. Anon is right... Apparently 20 year old male has been caught.


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