Sunday, August 13, 2017

American Tourist Beaten Near Dresden, Germany After Giving NAZI Salute

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An American tourist was severely beaten outside a Dresden cafe after giving the stiff-armed NAZI salute. The article goes on to say this occurred in a very liberal part of town. The American was reported to be very drunk. Although the article did not state, I know most who read this would not be shocked to learn the "beater" was muslim as most European men have been emasculated and would never resort to violence of any kind. Read the entire story HERE.

By the way, though often referred to as the "Roman Salute", the National Socialist Worker's Party adopted this salute from a socialist in America who created the Pledge to promote government schools. The Pledge should be changed from pledging allegiance to the flag to "pledging allegiance to the Constitution". Of course that was not the intention of the original author.


  1. Interesting about the "Roman Salute", there's a statue of Augustus Caesar which shows his hand perpendicular to the ground. That supposedly, was the real the "Roman Salute".

    The salute originally used for the pledge of allegiance was suggested by Edward Bellamy, an arch nationalist and cousin of the author of the original pledge.

    1. I suppose one could say the facist (nazi) salute was a derivative of the "Roman Salute", but in the majority of my readings the "seig heil" stiff-arm is referred to as the "Roman Salute" (though technically incorrect). I am not really sure why. The salute was optional in the Wehrmacht (entire armed forces of Germany through 1945) until just after the July, 1944 assassination attempt. Until then the traditional military salute could still be used.

  2. I could see where this fool was beat up for his drunken troubles. I'm not sure if the salute is illegal, but when I was stationed there (79-83) it was illegal to display any Nazi swastika in public.
    Bet'cha he'll never do THAT again, no matter HOW drunk he may be.

    Deplorable B Woodman


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