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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams calls for the removal of the giant stone carving that depicts Confederate President Jefferson Davis and two of the greatest and most honorable Confederate Generals the South ever produced from the face of state-owned Stone Mountain saying it "remains a blight on our state and should be removed".

"We must never celebrate those who defended slavery and tried to destroy the union," Abrams said in a series of tweets posted early Tuesday as a response to the deadly violence that occurred this past Saturday in Charlottesville, VA. Sadly, Abrams and other race hustlers who are fixated with erasing the history of our great nation know very little in regards to this period in America's past. I sincerely doubt most of these idiots could even name the century in which the epic struggle known as "War Between the States" occurred. Neither do these enemies of Liberty have any concept of "cause and effect". They need to stop before the fulcrum reaches a "tipping point".

The liberal point of view can be read HERE if anyone can bear to read it.


  1. The Bamiyan Buddha was unavailable for comment...

  2. Beyond virtue posturing about slavery 150 years ago, it seems Antifa and the radical left are doing more harm to the Union than anyone.

  3. Stacey Abrams has a record of race baiting and spewing hatred. A snowball has a better chance of surviving in August on the sidewalk in Atlanta than she has on being elected.

  4. I'm sadly amazed at how perceptions have changed. Growing up in the 50's, in the northeast, I remember the confederate flag as a symbol for rebels. Hot rodders, bikers, or just anyone that wanted to appear as anti-establishment used it as a symbol for individualism. Maybe its just my old fart memory, but racism was not the primary focus. With regard to removing civil war monuments as racist, where would the reasoning stop? In Columbia SC there is the Strom Thurmond highway - now there was a character. Should that be renamed? Or other monuments to know racists in the 20th century? Its our history, we need to be aware of if, and understand it; not cover it up.

    1. Every Robert Byrd "memorial" in West Virginia should be renamed. That could result in a dozen full time jobs for years.

  5. Why won't the ahistorical rat-bastard tell the truth, and argue for "DEMOCRATS" to be carved into the mountain below them?

    Can't remind people of that, they might figure out who the party of Slavery, Segregation and all thing "Progressive" really is....

  6. Moonbat Abrams should enlist PETA to help her, since the sculpture shows the subjugation and slavery of horses.

  7. She should feel free to screw herself.

  8. We should tear down the Lincoln Memorial, then, because he only emancipated slaves in the Southern states, allowing slavery to continue in the Northern states.

    1. You should read some of his more um...."colorful" quotes about blacks. Spoiler alert: they're somewhat less than flattering.

  9. Hey Jeffrey;

    This is the same women whose supporters at a "netroot" convention in Atlanta supporters shouted down her white female opponent on the stage. Stacy Adams never apologized for it and chastised her supporters for doing that. She has a reputation here in GA of being a race pimp.

  10. This was once a nice neighborhood. Pastor Wants Presidents' Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery

  11. N2N- The Stone Mountain CSA Monument is protected by GA State Law.
    This same political stunt was brought up several years ago
    for the same lame reason.... Race Card Vote pandering.

    NOTE: For those who think they are educated on the Civil War.
    It may surprise you to learn the US Civil War History was rewritten long ago.
    Look up the "Ghost Amendment". It was the original 13th Amendment and
    it was written and sponsored by Northern, not Southern Politicians.

    After reading the Original 13th amendment, that was approved by Lincoln,
    his predecessor the US House and US Senate, and was awaiting ratification
    when the war started. I am sure many will start to question the "officially"
    taught narrative we hear today about slavery.

    Yes the Original 13th would have made slavery constitutional,
    IF only the South would not have seceded from the Union to
    form a NON-Federally controlled Country with State Rights
    over Federal Control.

    1. N2N - OPPS! Almost forgot.... since the Original 13th Amendment was passed by the US Congress and approved by President Lincoln without and expiration date. Many Political Scholars have raised the thought that it still should be voted on today to get it off the books?

      So if the DINO's, RINO's,TINO's & Radical Leftists want to open a Political can of worms for votes. All they have to do is admit the war wasn't started over slavery, their Political Parties and could call for the states to officially vote down the amendment awaiting a state ratification vote.
      BTW: US Slavery needed to go it was morally wrong on many points.
      It was an outdated labor process, which the Northern Fed's had
      already solving, by allowing Mass, poor, uneducated, manual, labor,
      immigration between 1850-1920. That were paid just enough to live
      day to day.


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