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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The cold race war is beginning to turn hot...

The mood of the country will continue to darken. Reactions to these types of events will intensify. More blood will be shed. It’s too bad these functional illiterates didn’t pay attention in history class or ever read a book. They are going to learn some harsh lessons over the next decade.

Excellent post at THEBURNINGPLATFORM<< Link


  1. Products of our fine public "Education" system.....

  2. Damn, I was just beginning to wonder if you hadn't run off on vacation somewhere.

    1. If I had "run off" I wouldn't come back. The world is fucked up! :)

  3. Hi Irish!!,
    Good find!! I read that yesterday....

  4. N2N - It seems the media is confused and contradicting each other, like they haven't read the latest Anti-Trump game plan yet. MSM outlets reported the whole world is pissed at Trump for saying say both side are responsible for what happened.

    While NPR/PBS conducted a poll that I guess produced unexpected results.
    NPR / PBS Poll showed 86% of the Republican voters polled agreed with Trump statement. Worse yet...
    the same poll showed 44% of the Democrats also agreed, along with a 60+% Majority of Independent voters... all agreed it was a shared responsibility.

    I guess that 44% of democrats actually watched the street videos showing the BLM & ANTI-FA bashing out car windows with baseball bats, golf clubs and axe and mop handles and using spray cans a flame throwers against the other side.

  5. It's not a race war. It's an Ideology war. The so called elites worldwide think they can create and control a WWgov by disrupting the global continuity of a better planet. nnnnnnNO! Maybe in Europe, where they already have, and the Third world countries that are begging for help,as they have been, and been indoctrinated to do by extortion, and now they want to go all 1984 on US ? The US, is our ground, not theirs.
    There will be much more blood if this keeps up. I'm not long for TEOTWAWKI anyway, So bring it. Didn't do all that sighting in for nothing...
    I'll be using "Auntie Fay" ;-) for practice. Yeah, I know, it's cheap, and easy. But hey, more proactive than putting holes in paper.


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