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Friday, November 11, 2016

When Someone Starts Complaining About Trump's Transition Team...


 Remind them that Trump financed his campaign on his own and owes no one any favors..

Unlike the current custodian at the White House...

Obama's Transition Team

Members of Barack Obama's presidential transition team weren't necessarily selected solely on their résumés and expertise-some may have scored positions over similarly qualified individuals because they supported the president-elect by bundling money for his presidential campaign or opening their own wallets to him. And although Obama prohibits registered lobbyists from making financial contributions to his transition, influence peddlers past and present are showing up on the team that's building the foundation for the next administration. The Obama transition office announced nearly 400 individuals who have been dispatched to review the workings of federal agencies. Researchers at the Center for Responsive Politics are working to match these individuals to our databases of contributors, bundlers and lobbyists. Our findings are in the table below.



  1. Politicians will always complicate the obvious and trivialize the momentous. Trumps transition team will pick the best people and not have to search through mountains of resumes to see who's next at bat.

  2. Just like the commie rat bastard made Steeler's team owner Dan Rooney ambassador to Ireland for backing him in the election. I don't see that owning a football team qualifies you to be in that position.

  3. Can you imagine all the money old Cash-And_Carry would have hauled in selling administration positions and ambassadorships had her riggers been a little less confident.


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