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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I Sincerely Hope All the Naysayers and the Klinton Kommrads Enjoyed Their Breakfast This Morning!

To the hackjobs in the MSM (including Shepherd Smith, Bill O'Riley, Megan Kelley), libtards everywhere, pollsters who have proven they are never to be trusted again, political analysts who don't know shit from shinola and need to find another vocation, Ovomit, the Klinton mafia, Comey at the bureau, The NY Post, The Washington Pravda, MSNBC, Glenn Beck, etc., etc. I know I'm missing some, but I hope they all enjoy "eating their crow"!


  1. Indeed Odie! Add anyone you deem "worthy". It would be easier to name Trump allies than enemies. I wish Mr. Trump the best.

  2. I'm eating crow, too. I voted for Trump, but felt certain that the Left would have enough control over the election process to "elect" Hillary. I don't think I've _ever_ been so glad to be proven wrong.


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