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Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Few Maps.....

  This is why we have the Electoral College...

Imagine living in the gray zones and the blue zones voted opposite of you.

 H/t to Jeff

Now from TheBurningPlatform..

Geographically speaking, Trump won at least 80% of the Nation. The only states Hillary carried are Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.


  1. If you live in the gray zones, chances are the the blue zones DID vote opposite of you!

  2. ME and NE do not do winner take all in the Electoral College. Whomever wins any given Congressional district gets that electoral vote. The winner of the state gets the 2 Senatorial electoral votes.

    Institute that system nationwide and the Democrat machines are through.

  3. Most excellent. A lot of folks just don't "get" the electoral college. but this is one of things it was designed to do. I saw story yesterday where some Californians are talking secession. I hope they take the plunge and take Oregon and Washington with them. It hasn't occurred to those "triggered liberals" where the federal monies come from that funds a lot of their idiotic programs (i.e. prison sex changes, octomom, etc.). Jeffery

    1. As i posted in a car forum 4 years ago...

      "Good luck with that. Those 'blue states' are really just 'blue cities' (and surrounding 'bedroom communities of commuters [I]TO[/I] the big cities)that have high populations skewing results. Look at that map for a while...really look at it. what exactly do those 'big cities' [I][B]produce[/B][/I]? Most of their economy is based around either shipping goods produced [I]from[/I] the RED areas of the country, or shipping imported good [I]to[/I] the rest of the country. Apple? Boeing? Intel? Microsoft? Hollywood? You cant build a house with a blockbuster film. You can't eat an I-pad. You can't build a fuselage with lines of code.

      For those not familiar with the west...there is a LOT of discontent fomenting in the red areas of those states (Particularly OR/WA) with the blue population centers cramming their socialist agendas down the throat of the rest of the state. Most of those socialists are California 'rats' leaving the nest they soiled...and starting the same shit piles all over again in a new state.

      How long do you think those 'blue cities' would last when the 'red counties' get fed up, and stop feeding them...or sending them power? If a balkanization of the states were to occur, I'd lay odds that WA/OR at LEAST and probably California would wind up 'red'. That leaves the 'red' states (now properly represented) with the bulk of the Pacific trade routes and (with the possible exception of coal) a [I]vast[/I] majority of the energy resources to include gas, oil, and hydro, as well as the bulk of the food producing land.

      The red states would prosper once out from under the the east coast regulatory yoke. You socialists need our production of tangible goods [I]MUCH [/I]more than we producers need your 'welfare state' taxation/regulation."

  4. I added it up, 110 Cities control 65,000,000 votes, or about 50% of a normal election. The founders never intended for us to be ruled by a "Tyranny of the Majority." Love the graphic!

  5. My home county of El Paso, Colorado is blue in the top image and red (pink) in the bottom.

    I may be inordinately proud.

  6. Wow - twelve states w/o a single blue district (county).

    1. The only state I see that didn't have a blue district was Oklahoma. What did I miss?


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