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Friday, November 11, 2016

How Liberals Really Feel About Black People

I saw this over at Ninety Miles From Tyranny


  1. You have just witnessed a Singularity of Stupid. It engulfs and swallows all traces of intelligence and more than a few public hairs.

  2. Darn. According to the very people they profess to protect, Snowflakes are ignorant racists.

    Imagine that!

  3. Democrats have always treated blacks like they were pet monkeys. They feed them, pamper them, protect them and give them false hope. And it is just as much the blacks fault for being stupid enough to keep falling for Democrap.

  4. Excellent piece.
    God, I hate democrats!

  5. I'm gonna link this post on my blog.....priceless.

    1. Fell Free IACW. Thanks to all for stopping by and the excellent comments. I am sure most black folks are offended by this type of rhetoric. As an old friend of mine once told me, "a liberal is someone who thinks they know what is better for someone than the person the liberals are referring too". It is the way of the liberal-progressive-commies to think the majority of peoples are incapable of thinking for themselves. Jeffery


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