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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Guest Post... "My Boss Is An A**ho/e "

My boss is an asshole....

But that's alright, because he is good at it and enjoys being one. Fortunately, he's our kind of asshole. Let me explain....

Early Wednesday morning, my boss was on his way to Massachusetts. We do business with a company down there, and we had a project that needed independent test parameters for one of our processes. While on the way, he lost reception of the station he was listening to. Due to the CD player being inoperable, he started hitting the scan button looking for something to pique his interest. Then it stopped on a talk-radio show. Being a regular listener of such programs, he paused to find out what was being discussed. He soon realized he had stumbled onto a liberal echo-chamber, bemoaning the election of Donald Trump. Being a gluten for punishment, he decided to listen to the poor triggered souls - kind of a, "know thy enemy" information grab. I won't get into the whole of every conversation, but just say every left wing talking point was covered from top to bottom.

He was just about to change the station when this one caller started on a rant. The only reason that Trump won was because we just hated Obama because he was black, and Hillery because she was a woman, and that we were nothing but xenophobic, gay hating, blah, blah, blah......
It was at that point my boss snapped, and picked up his phone. Naturally due to the nature of the program, they had a screener forwarding the calls to the host. Just be glad he isn't a SVG spy, because he slipped right on in after answering a slew of questions. After a short time on hold, they put him on the air.

"Hi, I'd like to address the statements of the last caller...."
Then he pissed into their punch bowl.

"As a Trump supporter, I take issue with the assertion that we are nothing more than misogynistic, racists....". 

He stated his ability to name at least five different individuals; one a woman, all of whom were black, that he would have voted for. He then went on to explain that it was the disastrous fiscal and foreign policies and general lawlessness of Obama's and Clinton's that we were opposed to. Race or gender had nothing to do with it.

"I'll tell you another thing. Having grown up on a farm; I know that a cow with a calf will accept an orphaned calf if she has the resources and ability to do so. She won't however, let her own offspring die if she can't support both of them. In this country, we are being forced to support others, when we're not even taking care of our own".......

They hung up on him just as he was getting on a roll. He just shut the radio off after they dumped him, and had a big laugh at their expense. We imagine that the screener got the ass chewing of a lifetime, if not an outright pink-slip. Not to mention all the triggered cupcakes, quaking in absolute terror of a dissenting opinion taking a wrecking ball through their group-think, safe-space.

We got a good chuckle out of the experience, and I thought that I'd pass it along for you all to enjoy as well.

This is a win for our side, but we must remain vigilant. 

Thank you, to all of those that made it possible.



  1. Heh. My uber-left coworker called in sick. Really. I'd actually gone to bed the night before (Monday) steeling myself to the prospect of his smug smirks for the next week... not that I trusted the polls, but I feared the Democrats' "Margin of Fraud".

    When I came in Wednesday one of my coworkers - liberals all - said "We're all in black mourning the election." I opined that I was allowed ONE DAY of smug gloating, and with good humor they tolerated my posting my sign:


    Which I took down before I left last night.

    But I am struck by how UNPREPARED anyone I work with is to actually debate anything. And it's CLEARLY because they all live in a world where everyone they know, and everyone they listen to, and everything they read, is all in agreement with what they already believe.

    It's like that story from when Nixon won, and in a landslide, where that NY socialite said something like "But that's impossible; nobody I know voted for him".

  2. Yesterday all the young engineers called in sick because of Trump stress, while us older guys all showed up for work. It was quit, no stupid talks about selfies or being butt hurt. No one cried, it was a great day.

    Of course i'm in Canada and its not like these asshats even live in the USA.


  3. As a white gun owning conservative Christian military veteran and I am in some peoples eyes the very embodiment of evil in today's world. Just one thing puzzles me and though I have asked and I have never gotten an answer (Well, to be fair I never received an answer to the question, but have received insults, threats and invitations to perform physically impossible feats of self abuse). The question? In my effort to communicate with mt fellow man (and women) I engage in polite political and relevant social debate with family and friends, I try to never resort to any personal insults or degrading words and never use profanity in these debates. I have never UN-friended anyone or cut them off no matter how much I disagreed with their position and no matter how low and disgusting they would go in their unhinged hatred and profanity filled screeds when ever I dared disagreed with them. Considering that they claim to be the ones filled with tolerance and acceptance of any and all people different than them, then why is it that they are the ones who can never allow anyone to disagree with their political/religious/social views? They would rather cut off all communications and pretend the person doesn't exist, rather than engage in healthy debate. We can see this every day in the Main Stream Media as they continue to wonder why the world refuses to become what they report it to be.

    1. Thank you for your service.

      The left is only tolerant when you agree with them. No one can explain it.


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