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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Views From The Commute.. An Irish Poll

During the morning and evening commute I get to check out various road side attractions.

Last night I was greeted by the first sign below as I rounded a slow curve in a neighborhood that I cut through.

 It got me thinking. 

I pass many houses that fly various flags this morning there were a few that had the Gadsden Flag and many with the American Flag ( I used the second picture from the internet as a facsimile because I couldn't get a good picture of any of those on the ride)

Anyway,  the first picture got me thinking about the person(s) that live in the house
 that has it on their front lawn.

My thought was the question in the poll below.

Which Person Would Be More Likely To Commit Violence Against Someone They Disagree With?

Ban Assault Weapons
American and Gadsden Flag
Do Riddles


  1. what !@#$%%$ voted 6 times?

  2. Looks like my house in the picture with the flags.......................

  3. I want to beat up whoever voted for assault weapons.


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