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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Shhh.. Dude, I Can Hear Colors.....

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  1. My experiences with psilocybin are limited. We used to pick our own, and I'm talking back in '72. The shrooms would only sprout during a fresh rain in cowpies. I found out years later that the cattle were grain fed and the spores traveled through the cow's digestive system and ending up in the rich fertile manure.
    We just pulled the shroom out of the pie, and removed the head, discarding the stem. The first time we went picking, we only got a couple of heads as some ranchhand came after us and chase us off. I ate both heads a few weeks later. They store well in the family freezer.
    The second time, we picked a bunch...12?
    What they don't tell you is that man, they are the second most gross thing to eat. I'm sure there is something worse, but I don't know what it is. We washed it down with milk, orange juice, wine, beer...nothing made the shrooms palatable, and we were unable to eat more than three or four a piece. Better to freeze them first.
    Now for the high...a constant buzzy in the stomach for hours that makes one smile a lot. If one is a smoker, one cannot smoke enough. One gets very forgetful because one is one with mankind and holds no ill will. One cannot sleep while buzzed. We were up all night, made a trip to 7-11 for Cracker Jacks at 3 am, and most of them ended up on the front of my shirt.
    The next morning, we drove out to the levees on the banks of the Rio Grande. The levees were built to contain the river should it over flow its banks as it did in '67 from hurricane Beaulah. It also allowed IBWC to empty the floodgates at Falcon dam if it became to full. That morning, they released water and it flooded the area up to the levees. There are cabins on the river bank that get flooded when they do this, and those are the breaks. Just don't rent them when they release water from the dam. The cabins too are owned by IBWC. We drove up and saw a guy in a rowboat, moving towards a cabin. The cabin had water halfway up the door. The guy got out of the boat into the water where it came up to his waist. He walked up to the door, opened it, and went inside.
    We just looked at each other and said "oh WOW man!"


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