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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Meanwhile In Baltimore... How Do You Handle This Lawlessness..??

As they get bolder things will probably get more violent.

Why should the hard working, taxpaying citizens be subjected to this?

  The Baltimore Police are setting up a TASK FORCE ( probably won't do any good)

When one of the culprits gets killed by LEO.. the usual suspects will be wailing about the choirboy.


  1. There are only two kinds of bike riders who ride like this: Those who have had a serious accident and those who haven't yet. Karma's a bitch.

  2. I was picturing AC-130 footage superimposed on this BS....

  3. Did I actually see that idiot clean the cartridges and magazine before using his bare hands to load the magazine into the pistol?

  4. Definitely Baltimore. But this is months ago. No leaves on the trees. I work there sometimes. It really sucks there now after ferguson and Freddie gray

  5. If you remember the 60s, this is all very familiar.

  6. That is one target rich environment.

  7. uhhh, clandestine suppressed fire. When enough of 'em get hit, they might tone it down a bit. Or how about this. A drone swarm! Yeah, that's the ticket!


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