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Monday, July 4, 2016

A Little Sluething on The Internets Today....

 Wirecutter posted this the other day and there is some talk that it was in Londonderry on 93,

Here is the original post  >>>LINK

Here is the image (below)  and  HERE IS A LINK <<  to the original picture posted to imgur that I found after searching a bit.

Go to the Imgur link and you can increase the size considerably.  The sign on the right is hard to read.

Obviously there is McDonalds. The other restaurant appears to say New England ( Seafood?)

I tried googling that and found New England Seafood Restaurant And Lounge.

  The pick up truck  on the left has NH plates.

 A  little more work and I found the bottom image  on google maps...

Route I 93 in Methuen MA.  Exit 47-48 Pelham St..

 Ya, I was bored......

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  1. How many times have I driven that stretch coming back to visit folks in Salem?


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