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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bracken: Coward Comey Takes A Dive

Matt sends:

The FBI today officially becoming a willing Soviet-STASI stooge and tool, even if under duress, brings home how fast things can change in a volatile political environment. I judge 2016 as being as dangerous as 1860 or 1913. In European terms, a "Night of the Long Knives" is now not an impossibility. Read the rest of Matt's take on this assassination of the "Rule of Law" here.


  1. Not recommending an indictment sucks...but...the way Comey devastated her statements creates the perfect content for attack ads if Trump and his supporters will take advantage of it. Today's NY Times(!) even acknowledges this in a front page story

  2. I was thinking along those lines too Macintosh. The report is a "record" of her lies. The fact that she is a known liar coupled with her careless handling of such classified information, her apparent lack of understanding the "mechanics" of how intelligence is gathered by spies only reinforces her inability to be a responsible and effective leader. Can you imagine her having access to the launch codes of the nations nuclear arsenal?


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