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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CNN Headline.. Letting The Sheep Think They Have A Choice

America's choice..... that's a good one.

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  1. Elections used to be about slaves choosing their master. It still essentially is.

    The Kentucky Fried Communist (Sanders) and Donald Trump forced the oligarchy's hand by revealing a system of arbitrary "rules" that are changed continuously by party bosses to favor their handpicked candidates.

    Now people are realizing the truth. However, it over 200 years late. George Washington warned about parties specifically in his farewell address while Thomas Jefferson and James Madison warned that "Factions" would destroy the Republic.

    Parties should be abolished, or at least not allowed to move goal posts against the will of the people. Candidates should be forced to stand or fall on their own merits and not the backing of wealthy donors. There should be a single system of choosing delegates, in a way where the popular vote is a factor.


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