Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Toilet Laws For Dummies.....

 sent in by reader Jeff


  1. Way too "simplistic" ; just ask any Prog-Lib, and they will lecture you for hours, about all of the 'complexities' that are involved, here .... frank k. (N.Va.)

  2. What complexities?
    I'm a guy, I have "outdoor plumbing", hence, the world is my toilet.
    One of my favorite things has always been pissing off the back porch into the bushes.
    Ticks the old lady off and that's just an added bonus.

  3. Sign on door: "Your plumbing must match our fixtures"
    Too easy.

  4. If a person's biggest problem in life is which bathroom they drop a load in, they've had a very soft, very easy life. They've really never had a problem in their life.

    Have them talk to the colon cancer survivor who has a colostomy bag. Or anyone who has lost limbs.


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