Friday, April 22, 2016

Ok, Mister Fortune Cookie, I'll Play Along.....

Too bad no one is around to hear me rant.

The Mai Tais were good and the wings were yummy.


  1. Irish, I think you and I post the most beautiful redheads on the web. What a beauty for your header !
    I thought I would send you something I found today .... makes me wish I was 40 years younger !

  2. I love Mai Tais!
    And I love wings!
    And the cookie is dead on!
    (Bacardi Coke, Traditional Ale, Cabernet and a NY steak with baked potatoe and grilled shrooms tonight)
    Would have gladly traded ya!

  3. Hey Irish;

    That is very true...The fortune cookie that is ;) You want to know somebody's real thoughts...get them sloshed.....


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