Thursday, April 21, 2016

♫♫ Maluns.. A Journey Into Deep, Progressive Ambient Tunes...♫♫

Thanks to reader Timmeehh who linked this on my music post from earlier today:

Imagine making this in a small home studio.

image from Maluns facebook page

Check it out:

I could only find a few paragraphs of info on Maluns with a google search although youtube has
a bunch of music by him:

Maluns is a solo project.

2006 he entered the world of sounds with his little home studio, in which he started to make all kinds of electronic music from trance to ambient/downbeats.

With his music he shows his personal feelings and impressions to the people. If you listen to a track of him, you will receive a part of his person as well. A dark edge is apparent in much of Maluns' richly textured trance, creating depth and drama and mystery. Lets explore his music, which is a symbiosis of deep astral soundscapes, melodic acoustic vibes and some celestial emotions.



If you like it, do some internet searches. I will definitely check out some of his other music.

thanks timmeehh 

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