Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Re: Jury Duty.. I Didn't Get Any Contempt of Court Charges ....

.... and didn't get picked for either trial.  

More later

Now back to work.

 Thanks for all the input on the previous thread!  My readers are the best.


  1. The defendant's one THEM, ain't he?

    You mean black?

    NO! THEM!


    No, *THEM*!!

    Your honor, I am done with juror seven.

  2. Out here in Kaliforniastan, you *must* show up for duty on the day you're called, or have a damn good excuse.

    If you don't get picked on that day, you're released from jury duty.

    If you *do* get picked, though, you're on the trial for it's duration.

    No hardship exemptions or anything. If the trial goes a month, you're stuck on it.

  3. Why don't you want to serve on a jury? If you can honestly weigh the evidence and make a fair and impartial judgment, it's your duty to do so. That's why it's called "jury duty," not "jury funsies."
    If you don't do your duty, you have no right to complain about the morons who get on juries.

    1. It's not like voting, where you show up and have a choice. The lawyers want a weak-minded simpleton, who can be swayed like seaweed on the tides, not someone with a personal code and sense of right and wrong.

  4. "Sorry could you repeat the question? I didn't hear you i was kistening to instructions from the mothership."


  5. Called for jury duty some years back, but ultimately not chosen due to hearing issues. While waiting in the hall I spoke to another potential juror. Told him I had a plan. There was a rib joint due east of the courthouse, and a chili parlor to the west. My plan was to get on the jury, stand up and tell the judge "Hang 'im, your honor!", and then adjourn for lunch. He thought that was a great idea.

  6. I guess I'm kryptonite for juries... My last call-in I was the 5th or 6th replacement during jury selection but was immediately excused. I was able to answer all judge's questions in one go after hearing them 10 or more times which must have scared one of the lawyers.... Of course it doesn't help my chances that I'm a degreeed engineer, have wife that is an RN and RD, and I worked as a med/surg/ortho/ER orderly for 2 years after getting out of the Navy.


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