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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hey, Remember The Great Video Of Captain Clay Higgins Threatening the Scumbags?.... Guess What.....

  Here's the video in case you missed it.

Well, he resigned......

The ACLU complained that this video "intimidated" the alleged gang members. Family members believed it put them in danger. The furor that was ignited caused the Sheriff to instruct Captain Higgins to tone down the rhetoric on his CrimeStoppers segments. Captian Higgins felt he could not follow these orders in good conscious and today he resigned from the Sheriff's Department.

 MORE HERE.. with his resignation video clip.


  1. Hope he runs for Sheriff in the next election.

  2. Ah bullshit...intimidated gang members my ass...I guess because none of them had the balls to answer his challenge they were "intimidated"...poor babies...I know all the innocent family members who have had kin or friends killed or injured in the line of fire by these poor, intimidated assholes are sorry to see the man resign...

  3. Hi Irish,
    Yup, St. Landry Parish, just west of Baton Rouge. Well Bud, the time is coming for "A Reckoning!!" Never mind a post with a bunch of "Riled up Rhetoric," no.......it's just "Quiet....." Take a hike over to "The Last Refuge" 27SEP2015 post by "Sundance" this may be a good link theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/09/27/cold/#more-106576 It's called "COLD ANGER!!!!" Like I said, "There's Gonna' be a Reckoning!!!" 'Kinda reminds me of Val Kilmer in the Black suit with the mustache and goatee in "That" Western!! Maybe too, Steve "Angel Eyes" Van Clieve from "The Good, Bad and Ugly!!!" ...............
    "There's Gonna' Be a Reckoning!!!"
    Got Gunz...............OUTLAW!!!!,

  4. GREAT message.

    Of course it is not acceptable these days. Too many pansies willing to scream and shriek and not enough people willing to slap them back back down.


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