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Saturday, March 5, 2016

♫♫ Saturday Guitar.....♫♫


  1. I'll admit I didn't know much about Buckethead.
    While listening to your post, I read up on the guy.
    What an odd story. In wiki, it says at one point he was putting out a cd per day!
    The story sounds insane.

    1. I really enjoy his guitar work :-) I don't agree at all with him on other issues ;-)

    2. Check out these guys....


  2. No doubt he's a great player! He's just one f those people that I hear their stuff on occasion, but just didn't know who they were.
    That link you gave, won't do anything on my iPad. So it type it in, but I couldn't get anything to come up.
    Possibly due to the "7" that is bellow the line of type! Wtf is is that?? Any idea?
    What's the YouTube vid called, so I can search it? I like where your music choices lead....

    1. Try this:


    2. Or youtube.. Riverside Reality Dream Live.

      or any of their albums.

    3. Thanks man!
      Found it under Riverside YouTube search.
      I just said to the wife half an hour ago that I can't blow the day laying here listening to Buckethead!
      ...now I'm listening to this! Lol
      It's beautiful - and the guys dead? Typical.

    4. Wow! I di didn't realize he had died?! I just looked it up and I guess he dropdead recently at 40 years old. Sad. Give them a chance though, check out the other albums on YouTube.

    5. I certainly will.
      I appreciate the musical leads you give out.
      I grew up on progressive/fusion, then life got in the way, then I ended up hanging out with blues guys.
      I miss this type of music a lot.

    6. Timbo, this was a great progressive/ fusion album from 1978


      U.K. is the self-titled debut album by the progressive rock supergroup U.K., released in 1978 through E.G. Records and Polydor Records. It features John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Bill Bruford, and Allan Holdsworth.


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